The Quarantined Kitty

Toilet paper isn't the only thing people are panicking about! I have a full clientele and new clients both calling and texting me frantic about what their pubic area is going to look like at the end of all this! With all of us locked indoors, there's also more opportunity for some daytime action leaving us all wondering, how can we make it as pretty as can be "down there" without leaving the house?! I've put together some common issues we are all experiencing, and some clever solutions to keep your kitty pretty and entertained without leaving the house.

Problem; Your wax is overdue

Solution 1) Embrace you fur

We've all been there before and we've all been just fine! A little hair never bothered anyone. Even in my darkest hour, when I had close to a full bush growing, it still didn't stop anything from happening. I'll admit, I didn't feel fully confident, but, it didn't make much of a difference in the heat of the moment. A lot of clients will try to switch up their pubic hair do's from time to time, just to add a little variety. It gives their partner something new to look at! Embracing your new, temporary fur would be the easiest option. If you currently wax, chances are you don't have much hair to begin with since waxing thins out overall hair growth. Cross your fingers, hope this will all be over soon & make sure your next wax appointment is already on the books!You may want to pre-pay to secure your next appointment, EVERYONE will be trying to get in!

Solution 2) Contact your Esthetician

Hopefully, you have a rapport with your Esthetician and can reach out via text in this time of need. You never know, he or she may have some alternative solutions for you to get cleaned up while locked down. I'm definitely not condoning bad behavior by any means, we should all be doing our part to flatten the curve but, you never know the power of suggestion! Simply putting that energy out into the universe, that your bush is simply not acceptable, may just mean you accidentally run into your waxer during an essential store visit and who knows what could happen! Keep in mind that anyone in the beauty industry although essential to many, is not considered an essential business. Therefore, your hair, skin, nail, and massage people aren't making any money while forced off work. Try to be supportive by pre-purchasing your next service, buy some gift certificates, purchase products from them (Hygiene items ARE essential) anything helps!

Solution 3) Trim it up

This can be tricky. I have actually nipped myself and that is not fun! Scissors near your delicate areas are a very scary thing that should be left to the professionals but sometimes we have to do what we have to do in the name of grooming! Just be very careful, take your time and it might be helpful to have a partner help you. Believe it or not, most partners think it's sexy to help with grooming down there! They just may get a little excited and the reason you needed help in the first place may get overlooked. A lot of clients will tell me in their hour of desperation, clippers were safer. I personally don't know how they do it. I have tried and I have come out looking like a cat with mange! Bald spots everywhere! Plus, the sound and vibration of clippers on my puss makes me anxious about cutting myself so, I'm not a good person to ask for advice on that alternative!

Solution 4) Wax it yourself

This can be tricky. More tricky than scissors near your crotch! I don't really advise it since there's so much that can go wrong when putting hot wax near or on your most delicate of areas. If you are going to do it I would contact your Esthetician first. Maybe he or she can guide you through the process and or make you a little waxing kit so you are still using high-quality products or they will talk you out of a bad idea! A lot can go wrong, so unless you've had previous success, I wouldn't attempt it. A little hair is better than a trip to the emergency room and that's the last place any of us need to be right now!

Solution 5) Shave

Back to square one. I always tell my clients that if they are going to shave try to only do the bikini line otherwise when it is time for your wax you can be guaranteed two things will happen from the one time shaving; Ingrown hairs galore & a wax more painful than your first one! That hair comes back with a vengeance from shaving! It's thick, coarse and hurts like hell! Anyone including myself that shaves in a time of desperation always regrets it in the end!

Problem; Hair down there makes me feel stinky!

Solution 1) Pinxxx Brightening Cookie Oil

A lot of us tend to run to perfumed soaps, washes and lotions in an effort to disguise odors. Bad idea, this can upset your delicate pH and lead to other issues that can really cause a stink, no pun intended! Stick to products gentle enough for your intimate areas that don't have a lot of strong fragrance & wont throw things off balance. Pinxxx Brightening Cookie Oil is my daily go-to. Not only does it smell delicious (subtle hints of sugar cookies) it immediately calms and soothes skin after waxing, shaving, or epilation. I apply it immediately after showering for a boost in hydration which keeps skin soft, hydrated and easier for hair to make its way out decreasing ingrown hairs. It's formulated with certified ORGANIC Calendula, which has spectacular skin brightening and anti-aging benefits. It's packed with antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties keeping breakouts in check. Calendula is also known to decrease the pigment melanin found in skin to help brighten skin and reduce age spots. Did I mention it smells DELICIOUS! Good enough to eat if you know what I mean...

Solution 2) Embrace your natural scent

Let's face it, most people don't really care about natural scent in the heat of the moment. It's more about our own individual preferences and how confident we personally feel. Most people will agree, as long as it's clean, there's no need to add a bunch of fragrance to it.

Problem; More daytime sex means they will see EVERYTHING

Solution 1)

You don't have to wait until the salons reopen. You can do "bleaching" at home. Yes, you can "bleach" your own booty hole, your outer labia & any external intimate areas in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Now keep in mind, it's not really bleach.There's nothing scary about it. No burning, no irritation, no discomfort. It's skincare made gentle enough for intimate use with AMAZING results. PLUS, there's FREE SHIPPING right now at If you're not sure what to use but LOVE what you see in the before and after pics, the most economical way to achieve similar results (remember results vary, everyone lightens up at different speeds) would be purchasing The Lil Pinxxx Bundle, Brazilian BFF Pads & The Illuminating Pads HP .The pads aren't available in trial sizes but they are AMAZING, so they are well worth it. If you know you aren't good about using multiple products and or don't want to invest too much I would go for the Illuminating Pads.These have the highest level of "brightening" power out of all the products. Most bang for your bucks!

Solution 2) Distract them

There are honey-do lists for a reason! Give them something to do and make them wait until night time! Give it a sense of urgency too, that usually always works for creating distractions like "Can you clean the pool? I saw Mosquitoes and I've seen helicopters monitoring above, we could get fined or get West Nile." The illusion of bugs & fines always works!

Solution 3) Share your insecurities

This one really depends on the maturity of your partner. Some may make you feel more at ease about what's bothering you, while others may make it worse. It also might draw attention to whatever you aren't feeling so hot about and they may want to look at it right now!

Solution 4) Embrace the light

If your partner wants to get some in the middle of the day, they are attracted to you and everything about you! Show it off, flaunt it and remember that no one is perfect! Be in the moment, if they don't like it, there's always someone else that will! Like everyone currently bored at home messaging you right now!

Problem; I'm single, quarantined and not getting any action

Solution1) Slide into some DM's

This first solution comes to mind because I can't even tell you how many guys are coming out of the woodwork messaging me on every social media platform! I shouldn't say only guys because women are messaging me as well, out of complete and total boredom! We're all bored, at home with nothing to do. Reach out to that person on social media you've been eyeballing. Guaranteed they will answer back. You might even get some entertaining photos!

Solution 2) Quarantine & Chill

Dating apps are of my favorite places to go when I'm bored and want attention. Get showered with attention without showering! They can also give you an instant confidence boost. Post a few pics, and you can be chatting away with every Tom, Dick, Harry or Mary in no time. Might even lead to an essential meet up! Remember to be safe; gloves, mask, goggles, hand sanitizer, 6 feet apart! Maybe facetime would be better?

Stay healthy, my friends! I hope I have entertained you momentarily & given you some ideas on how to tame your kitty! If you have any suggestions for future blogs feel free to comment or send me an email at