Anal "Bleaching" The Facts & The Myths

What "40 Year Old Virgin" did for Men's' waxing, "Bridesmaids" did for Anal "Bleaching." It made it mainstream, opened the door for lots of jokes, lots of questions and lots of assumptions. Suddenly word was out, a custom butt hole color was something you could have done?! All the porn stars were doing it, so why not do it too?!

I've been an Esthetician and in the butt hole business for over 18 years. Well, not strictly butt holes, I specialize in Brazilian waxing. I started "Bleaching" about 10 years ago. Brazilian waxing at that time became more mainstream, suddenly everyone had no hair and noticed every little imperfection previously covered by "bush." Cell Phone technology also advanced around that time. Porn was now available at the touch of our fingertips so there we were; hairless and comparing ourselves to these perfect XXX stars, wondering how we could look like that too? I'll admit it, I was guilty of wondering the same. Jenna Jameson was the Queen of Porn at that time and I vividly remember wanting my butt hole to look like that. Even if my face and body looked nothing like hers, at least my butt hole could! During that time, the only place that offered this was a little salon in Southern California that was featured on Dr. 90210. That made sense, a place in Hollywood! That's where all the porn people are so that's where this idea was born. I called to make an appointment only to learn it was not a service, but a product I would use daily. That made me feel so much better, knowing someone wasn't going to be examining my butt hole under a spotlight and doing stuff to it. In my head, I would be bent over under bright lights with some type of burning products that would leave my pucker pink when I left. Wasn't true at all! I got the product in the mail, applied it and it didn't feel like anything! No burning, no discomfort, it simply felt extremely clean! I used it as directed, but after about 2 weeks I got lazy. I did notice somewhat of a difference, but applying product daily seemed like so much extra work! I remember thinking I didn't care that much about it and if anyone else did, they could dim the light, problems solved! I ordered the product to sell at my salon and offer to my clients. It was a huge hit. Various other products entered the market over the years, and I carried one as an option since it offered a Hydroquinone free formula. Hydroquinone is a topical treatment in both prescription and OTC strengths used to lighten areas of heavily pigmented skin such as freckles, age spots, liver spots, and melasma caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone medicine, or injury to the skin. Hydroquinone decreases the formation of melanin in the skin and is most frequently prescribed to treat hyperpigmentation.. Historically, there’s been some back-and-forth on the safety of hydroquinone. In 1982, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognized the ingredient as safe and effective and is currently sold OTC in 2% concentrations.

I now offer Pinxxx Intimate Skincare and The Pinxxx Brightening System. The entire Pinxxx system is Hydroquinone free. Pinxxx was created by me, a licensed Esthetician with over 18 years specializing in Brazilian waxing and 10 years offering "Bleaching" to my clients. I have personally seen and have used what works, what doesn't work and wanted to offer this to others simply as a demand for what people want; safe, effective, intimate skincare packed with high quality ingredients, that work!

Over the years, I've had to answer many questions about "bleaching." I even got what I thought was a prank call, turned out to be a national radio show wanting me live on the air "bleaching" their intern's nipple. He was scared out of his mind, poor guy. People know of it but they don't know anything about it. It's become more of a joke in society and has left many wondering why anyone would care that much? I'm here to answer all those questions and separate the myths from the facts.

Let's start with the # 1 question; Does it hurt? NO! It does not hurt or burn at all! I currently use The Pinxxx Brightening System. This service is a 10 step Brightening service done in the salon by a licensed Esthetician. The products for this service are gentle and safe enough to use in the intimate areas but can be used anywhere, including your face! Remember, any areas that are exposed to sunlight you will need to use an SPF.

Why do people care about the color of their butt hole that much? They don't! The anus is the LEAST requested area for "bleaching." The top 3 most requested areas are #1 Thighs, #2 Labia Majora, #3 Butt Crack. The Butt hole itself has been described as a bonus area. Since we're improving the appearance of the surrounding areas, why not improve that area too?! Any areas of high friction; thighs, underarms, the area surrounding the butt crack can become heavily discolored over time making people feel like they look "dirty." They simply want the discolored areas to look as similar to the surrounding skin for a more even skin tone.

Is it Bleach? NO! Bleach would be extremely harmful to use on your skin. These are skincare products gentle enough to use in intimate areas.

How long do the results last? Results vary & last by the individual. Everyone lightens up at different speeds. Certain factors; Hormones, medications, sun exposure, irritation from shaving & friction can cause hyperpigmentation to occur. I always recommend a minimum of one aftercare product after the service for maintenance. My favorite is Pinxxx Illuminating Pads HP. This product is most "potent" of the Pinxxx Brightening products. Pinxxx Illuminating Pads HP (High Potency) dramatically improve the appearance of discoloration with a Hydroquinone-free formula. Contains a multi brightening complex consisting of Arbutin, Ascorbic Acid, Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid. It also contains Licorice Extract, a natural compound native to Central Asia that contains constituents that work to interrupt the stimulation of an enzyme that activates melanin production, improving dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Do you have a lot of porn stars as clients? If I do, they don't tell me that they are! Most of the people I see are average people that have discoloration in intimate areas due to hormones, medication, scarring and or friction. They only want to feel more confident and sexy with a more even skin tone.

What should I expect in the service? I would describe it almost like getting a facial but for "down there." I have never had anyone say anything hurts or burns at anytime.

Do I have to get a wax? I personally will not perform the complete service in any areas that the person wants to continue shaving. What I do and the results I achieve are from the complete service with the waxing. People will not achieve similar results as those pictured if they aren't doing the complete service. Shaving is also abrasive. It causes irritation, inflammation AND causes hair to grow back thick and coarse, which causes hyperpigmentation when it rubs in high friction areas like thighs and underarms. I do offer the Pinxxx Brightening "Vajacial" as an alternative to those that don't want to wax. It will give you brightening results also, only different from receiving the complete service since you are missing half the service.

Is this safe? Yes! Pinxxx Intimate Skincare believes in a holistic approach to skincare. They do not contain parabens or other harmful toxins, they are free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives, and are cruelty free.

Can I have this done if I'm pregnant and or nursing? No, mainly because no company or product would ever perform testing on pregnant or nursing women so it cannot be deemed safe or effective! The good news is your hormones change after pregnancy and nursing, and you lighten up naturally!

Can I have this done if I'm currently having laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is done in a medical setting under a Physicians license therefore I do not perform this service until all Laser sessions have been completed.

Is this necessary? If it makes you feel more confident, go for it!

I hope this clears up a lot of confusion about Anal "Bleaching" you may have had. Remember it is not a medical substitute or treatment. You should always seek advice from your Physician about any concerns or changes to your skin color or texture.