Pinxxx Centerfold Spotlight🌟Lysa Anne

Sweet, Southern & Tattooed
This Raven Haired, Blue-Eyed Beauty is Heating Up 🔥 July With Her Killer Curves
Pinxxx Centerfold Spotlight🌟Lysa Anne
Height 5’8” - tallest girl in my family! 😂
Weight 145lbs soakin’ wet. 
Hair/Eye Color Black hair /Blue eyes 
Ethnicity Italian and Polish! 
Astrology Sign VIRGO BABY ♍️ 
What's Something People Would Never Guess About You?
That I grew up VERY religious! 😇
What's On Your Playlist Right Now?
Hm, If you pressed ‘play’ right this second? Doja Cat. I have such a girl crush! But I’m all over the place, I love music! Especially electronic! 
What Character Would You Love To Be Body Painted as?
Haha, I have a loong list! But! I really want to gender bend Wolverine! And the Scarlet Witch is up there too 😍
One Thing You Can't Live Without? My phone & sunscreen 😂
What's Your Favorite Junk Food Indulgence?
Omg don’t judge me but, Ding Dongs! Those lil devil cakes get me every time. And Popsicles aren’t junk food. Right?!
What's Your Ideal Photo Shoot location?
I’ve always wanted to go to Fiji! I’m a beach baby so...
Do You Have Any Pets?
I do! One cat, her name is Sprinkles! Sprink, sprank or sprunk work too. She’s cute as heck. 
Where Can People Find You?
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