Pinxxx Centerfold Spotlight🌟Kayla McQuay

Pinxxx Centerfold Spotlight🌟Kayla McQuay
4x International Playboy Playmate
 MMA, HBO Sports/King Of The Cage/Top Rank Boxing Ring Girl
Fashion/Swimwear/Nude/Runway model
Professional Spokesperson/ Brand Ambassador
Height 5”8
Weight 105
Hair/Eye Color Grey/green
Ethnicity German/Irish 
Astrology Sign Capricorn 
What Has Been Your Favorite Playboy Shoot & Why?
My favorite Playboy shoot was for Playboy Slovakia because I flew to Canada and had an amazing team!
What Do You Love Doing Most? Loans, Your Online Business or Modeling? 
All of it! I have always been an entrepreneur so it’s really hard for me to pick one.I currently own 5 companies and am in the process of starting a new salon. I’m very excited!
What Is Your Dream Photoshoot Setting?
My dream photo shoot setting would probably have to be in the Dunes in Dubai With a gorgeous black stallion and flowing gown  😍
What's One Thing You Can't Live Without?
My animals
What's Your Favorite Song To Dance To?
I’m a metal head so anything slayer, Metallica or Hatebreed 🤘🏻
What's Your Junk Food Weakness?
Beef jerky and Coca Cola 
What's Your Dream Vacation?
Touring all of Europe  
Do You Have Any Pets?
Yes I have dogs and horses 
Where Can People Find You?
Instagram @kaylamcquay
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