Pinxxx Celebrity Makeup Artist Spotlight 🌟Michael Byron

Beautiful skin creates a perfect, smooth canvas for beautiful makeup. Pinxxx intimate skincare is gentle enough to be used everywhere, including your face! Pinxxx was created with ONE goal in mind; helping people be Confident, Sexy, Fierce, Up Close and Personal, Lights On & Film Star Ready, Head to Toe!
We recently had the opportunity to interview celebrity makeup artist Michael Byron. Here's what he had to say about creating flawless beauties and what he loves about Pinxxx!

What Is The One Product You Can't Work Without?
The one product I can’t work without is my Beauty Blender, I love love love my Beauty Blender! I use it from start to finish during a makeup application. I use it to apply my skincare, foundation, and through the makeup process for touch-ups. What I like about using the Beauty Blender throughout is that it helps with blending everything together :)
What Three Makeup Items Should We Not Leave Home Without?
Lip Gloss, Hydrating Spray, and your Beauty Blender. Glossy lips always need to be refreshed throughout the day, and also carrying a hard rating spray with you can help add a refreshed glowy look to the skin, and then finally taking your Beauty Blender you used with you can help for touch-ups by just using the leftover product on the Beauty Blender.
Who has been your favorite celebrity to makeup and why?
That’s a hard one because I love all my clients for different reasons. But, I would say I love my glam times with Caitlyn Jenner because she and I have such good talks and her energy really brings me joy to be around. And she makes really good peanut butter & banana toast :)
How Old Were You When You Became Obsessed With Makeup?
Probably 9 or 10, I have always loved Halloween and I would always dress up with something that involved makeup, back then it was more zombies and stuff, but in reality, I really wanted to be in drag ;) I remember using watercolor paint kits and using them as eyeshadow in my room, so lucky I didn’t go blind.
If you could pick one celebrity to do makeup on who would it be and what style would you love to do?
This is another question that always gets me, I would love to work on Rihanna, I have been around her before and watching others do her makeup I always in the back of my head thinking of what I would do on her and what I would do would be my signature style of natural glam with those pops of edge which I feel fit her brand as well :)
Who is your makeup Icon?
Mario Dedivanovic aka @makeupbymario
I have admired him ever since I started my makeup career, not only for his amazing makeup talent but because of his business and work ethic. This man has built such an admirable empire that I strive to get even close enough to one day. 
What is your favorite Pinxxx Skincare Product and why?
The ILLUMINATING Peptide C Anti-Aging Gel!
This product is so amazing and I love that you can instantly feel and see the softness it gives the skin. I feel like I just blurred all my pores and fine lines when I apply it.
What Is The Most Important Beauty Advice That You Can Give?
TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN! I always tell my clients to invest in your skincare, because with good skin we can don’t have to do as much work later.
How Did Your Career Begin In The World Of Beauty?
I started my career in beauty like a lot of fellow makeup artist by working at MAC Cosmetics, where I learned a lot, after leaving MAC I transferred to a brand Makeup Forever where I expanded my knowledge on beauty and the art of makeup. After leaving there in 2014 I became a fully freelance artist which has been the most fulfilling part of my beauty career and in doing so I have be able to do so many amazing things from traveling for work and be apart of major events.
What’s your favorite beauty quote?
Makeup is just “making it up” as you go.
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