How to "Bleach" Your Nipples Using The Lil Pinxxx Bundle

About a month ago, March 16th to be exact, I was making Corned Beef in my crockpot for St.Patrick's day. When I put the lid back down, it slipped out of my hand. Imagine watching in sheer terror, this lid tumbling into boiling water, in slow motion, while I'm wearing nothing but a leopard robe ( which was also completely open since I couldn't find the tie!) Boiling water splashed onto my chest. Fortunately, that was the only area burned! Not only did I get a pretty severe burn, I now have this huge, ugly, dark scar under my nipple.

Since being "sheltered in place" I have had to come up with some creative ways to keep myself entertained these days. My thoughts were on my last anal bleaching blog and I thought about any other areas of the body people might be interested in learning about "bleaching" and Pinxxx Intimate Skincare. I immediately thought about 2 things; my brown nipples and my hideous burn. These are 2 things people commonly ask me about "bleaching" and YES nipples & scars CAN be "bleached". Keep in mind you are not actually using bleach. Pinxxx intimate skincare is holistic skincare that contains no parabens, no harmful toxins, no synthetic chemical preservatives, no artificial colors and for my fellow animal lovers, Pinxxx is cruelty-free! This is gentle, effective skincare that is safe enough to use on your most intimate areas as well as face and body.

One of the most common questions I am asked is how effective the Lil Pinxxx Bundle is. At $40, this is a STEAL as far as high quality, cutting edge, age-defying, skin brightening, skincare goes. These products are top of the line so although the amount in the Lil Pinxxx Bundle is really for trial or travel I decided to test it out & "Bleach" my nipple and scar at home using the Lil Pinxxx Bundle; The Illuminating Ginger Cleanser, The Peptide C Anti-Aging Gel & The Lipid C Moisturizer just to see how effective this little bundle really is.

Step 1) I always recommend taking a few photos before and after. It's often hard to see much of a difference if you have nothing to go by.

Step 2) Using a clean washcloth and cool water cleanse the area with the Illuminating Ginger Cleanser using 1 pump. Wash gently in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes, do NOT scrub. Rinse with cool water and repeat.

Step 3) Dry the area by patting gently. Once dry, use one pump of the Peptide C Anti Aging Gel and massage gently into the skin.

Step 4) Apply the Lipid C Moisturizer into the skin and allow it to dry completely before you take your after photos. If the area is still wet it will appear darker in the photos.

Step 5) Take some after photos and compare. Keep in mind results vary by individual, everyone lightens at different speeds. The Lil Pinxxx Bundle is extremely gentle, you can use this daily to continue "brightening" up the area. Remember to use sunscreen in any areas exposed to sunlight.

Here are my results after ONE use of the Lil Pinxxx Bundle, pretty AMAZING!

I would love to see your results! Be sure to email your before and after photos to for a chance to win products from Pinxxx!

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